You’re Killing the City T-shirt

You’re Killing the City T-shirt

You’re Killing the City T-shirt


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White screen printed “You’re Killing the City” type on a black (100% Ring spun combed cotton) T-shirt.

“You’re Killing the City” is a collective statement of frustration expressed by locals who’ve watched as our cities are reshaped by tech-driven, corporate influence, and gentrification.

This shirt is directed at the corporations using our communities as a recruiting lure without addressing the housing needs their labor force requires, the landlords who exploit the housing crisis to demand outrageous rents only the most affluent can afford, to the Real Estate industry who rebrand our neighborhoods with new names meant to erase and replace their past and community, our Mayor and local representatives who have done little to nothing to ensure that new found prosperity is shared amongst all, and lastly to the transplants themselves who rather than respectfully participate in existing communities, exist and operate independent of them, driving economic change that drives out working-class families.

By wearing this shirt, you are challenging the comfort of privilege and asserting a voice in the struggle for our communities and ultimately our homes. This project is a collaborative effort between SF native Chaz Hurwitz and StudioNico. We will be donating 50% of all proceeds to the SF Community Land Trust, who represent one of the last pathways to permanent and affordable-housing in our cities.

Information on 100% Ringspun combed cotton T-shirt :
• Polyester retains shape and elasticity; Cotton lends both comfort and durability; makes for a unique texture and drapes against the body for a slimming look.

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